You can race

Even if you are a beginning skier

Racing in the Desert

Arizona Ski Council sponsors an annual racing event at Telluride with the winning club winning the perpetual Jagermister Cup trophy. The cup has been a tradition for a number of years.

Racing in the council is open to all skiers and snowboards. The racers are group by Skier or Boarder, then ages (Vet, Mid-aged, and Young) and then broken further into abilities (advanced, intermediate and beginner). The course is a Giant Slalom (wide turns). There are about 15 gates (required turn points) to navigate. The top three finishers receive pins denoting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each category.

Additionally awards are for the fastest finish time for men and women.

Points are awarded and then tallied to determine which club gets to hold the trophy until the next season's race.

The racing program has been developed to make it possible for the snowplower or waterfall ability to compete and possibly walk away with an award. This is pure recreational skiing, often used for bragging rights.

The Council is a member of the Far West Race Association which means people in clubs associated with the Arizona ski Council can race at other resorts with other councils once a handicap is established (accomplished by running in the Jagermister Cup race).

If you have any questions please contact the Arizona Ski Council President